Hard Disk Drive (HDD)


Hard Disk Drives, More commonly referred to as “Hard Drives” are your computers Permanent storage Component for all your sensitive Data. Therefore it is important to understand How to choose a Hard Drive correctly.

First you must decide on the size of the hard drive 3.5″ or 2.5″

3.5″ – This size of hard drive is only suitable for PC’s (Not Notebooks)

2.5″ This size of hard drive is only suitable for Notebooks

Now you must decide if you require your hard drive to have a IDE Connection or SATA Connection.

The connection you choose must be supported by the Motherboard that you have, However SATA is a Faster Connection and is recommended.

Lastly you must decide if you need the hard drive to be “Internal” or “External”

Internal = The hard drive is permanently installed into your Notebook or PC

External = The hard drive connects to your computer via an “External” USB Port


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3.5″ Hard Drive










2.5″ Hard Drive