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Backing up sensitive data/Documents is absolutely critical,

Very often i get called out to remove a virus from a computer, and then i get told this “YOU HAVE TO SAVE MY DATA, I JUST CAN’T AFFORD TO LOSE IT”

Now… Thankfully in all my years, I have NEVER lost anybody’s data, I was always able to save it. But have no illusions about this fact, Some of this was mainly due to luck.

THE FACT IS: If a virus infects your computer system and corrupts or destroys the specific file you need, No-one can save it for you. And that’s the truth.

The simplest way to backup your data is to copy and paste it from your computer to an external hard drive.

Remember to backup the following locations from your computer

My Documents

My Pictures

My Videos

My Music




Email  (The location of the  data folder of your email client depends on what you are using, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird etc)

Norton Identity safe Data (You need to open Norton, and Under Web settings, create a backup) This will create a file called  Backup.NPM, Copy this .NPM file to your external hard drive

MYOB Data (depending on the version of MYOB you have, (Generally) the folder you need to copy is at the following location  C:\MYOB

Backing up these locations will ensure that you do not lose your data, These are the locations that people commonly forget to backup.


From the BTO Team

Backup and Stay Safe